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Your roadmap

Our program offers a clear roadmap for you to follow. Start with our beginner courses and follow our learning paths to reach your artistic goals!
Beginner Drawing Course

Beginner Drawing Course

Start your learning journey with our beginner drawing course. Learn how to draw with spatial awareness and manipulate form to become a master of drawing.

Form Manipulation

Learn the ins and outs of form manipulation. A benchmark technique constructed by founder Antonio Stappaerts to master imaginative drawing.

Figure Mannequin

Learn to use form manipulation to creative convincing figure mannequins that will drastically boost your spatial awareness skills.

Spatial awareness

Learn to manipulate form in space like a sculptor. Become aware of how to draw in 3D space and give more volume and believability to your art.

Beginner Painting Course

Beginner Painting Course

Take your first steps in digital painting with our Beginner Painting course. A comprehensive course that walks you through all the fundamentals to become a fantastic digital painter.

Value Control

In this module you’ll learn to understand how value works and how it is used to draw attention in a picture.

Color theory & application

This module focuses on seeing value through color and using the right techniques to create interest and harmony.

Edge control

Give an “edge” to your paintings by learning how to control edges the right way!

Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts

Artwod offers weekly workout challenges that are aimed to apply fundamental learning and put into practice for industry standards. Our workouts cycle between figure, still-life and organic topics so that you can truly broaden your skillset or drastically boost your career skills.


Practice specific figure related assignments such as anatomy, gesture, interaction, facial features and much more on a constant basis!


Practice specific still-life related assignments such as props, interior design, mechs, drapery and much more on a constant basis!


Practice specific organic related assignments such as creatures, plein-air, environments and much more on a constant basis!



Enjoy fantastic classrooms that cover specific topics to increase your understanding. All workouts are accompanied by a specific classroom that best helps students complete the tasks.

Advanced Drawing Courses

Advanced Drawing Courses

After completing the beginner drawing track, Artwod offers advanced drawing courses to increase your imaginative drawing skills. This will serve as a great base for your career goals.


Practice anatomy like nowhere else. Learn to understand how to mannequinize anatomy and draw figures from imagination.


Become a master of drapery with our Drapery Course. Learn to design costumes with believability and interesting design.


Understand the guidelines of design to increase your problem solving ability and make more interesting concept art.

Advanced Painting Courses

Advanced Painting Courses

Our advanced painting courses offer more skill specific assignments to master digital painting.

Portrait Painting

Learn to paint amazing portraits with captivating lighting and fantastical elements.

Figure Painting

Learn to paint figures like the masters and add more depth to your character designs.


Learn to render anything like a pro. Understand how different materials are rendered and how to create your own signature rendering style.

Career courses

Career courses

Our career specific courses help push your design skills to the next level

Character Design
Creature Design
Prop Design
Skill Building

Skill Building

Our mini courses and classrooms compliment the program to help you finetune specific skills.

Concept Art

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Antonio Stappaerts Founder
Ognjen Sporin Illustrator/Teacher
Axel van Nederkassel Concept Artist/Teacher