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Art-Wod provides you with a well structured template to learn all art fundamentals . From drawing to painting you will receive weekly new content that is designed to help you learn efficiently!

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Art-Wod’s biggest strength is its community. Hundreds of artists from all skill levels and walks of life coming together to tackle the same assignments.

A unique opportunity for you to learn and interact with your peers, see how they handle the assignments and progress together!

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This Fundamental course taught by veteran artist Tyler Edlin offers a unique and in-depth view on how to arrange a picture very efficiently.

Tyler is a prolific art teacher and has worked for numerous AAA-studios.

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We are confident in the effectiveness of our program and our Art School. Therefore we invite you to try the Drawing Program yourself, free of charge for 7 days! 

82% of people that used our free trial, stayed with the program!


Art-Wod engages you to draw in a well structured manner that is designed to help you progress efficiently. You will learn to draw and not learn to learn!

We help you unleash your creative potential whilst you don’t have to worry about what to do next.

Let us worry, you create!

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The Drawing Program consists of a two week cycle covering all subject matter, with assignments tailored to all levels of artists. Assignments are easy to follow and accompanied by an instructional video for your convenience!

The Painting Program offers the same setup and is tailored to supplement the more advanced students of the drawing program.


Art-wod is an Art School designed to be accessible for everyone. Both in subject matter and pricing!

Explore all the learning paths we offer to help you draw with more structure and efficiency!


Classroom sessions are now a permanent part of Art-Wod and provide students with valuable insight into the fundamentals of drawing and painting.

During these recorded live-streams Antonio discusses a lot of fundamental principles and insights that will help you tackle the assignments better!


Discord Only

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The Discord* plan allows full access to all Discord channels.

This includes Art-Wod programming channels, design challenges, Bi-Weekly lounge chats, Antonio’s art-spam, and many more…(No access to the program’s videos, tutorials or exclusive content) .

*This is a self-directed option for intermediate artists who like to be a part of the community.

* A Discord account is required.


Drawing Program

The Drawing program offers weekly assignments that cover all fundamental skills of drawing. You will have access to both ‘Recreational’ and ‘Hardcore’ assignments. This is great for when you start seeing good progress and feel like taking it up a notch with ‘Hardcore’!

The Drawing program automatically grants you full access to the Discord.


Full Package

The Full Program will offer the Drawing and Painting program. In the painting program we will cover all fundamental skills that are hard to teach in drawing.

If you are a beginner, the Drawing Program is what we recommend!

Please be aware that the Full Program does not come with a free trial period. To sample the program, please use the 7-day free trial period of the Drawing Program.


Prices might be subject to conversion costs and bank fees.

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Enjoy some of the beautiful submissions from our students during the program.

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Art-wod has been designed to be accessible for everyone. Both in subject matter and pricing!

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