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Drawing is fun, so learning should be too!

Learning to draw and paint takes time, effort and commitment. We understand these challenges and offer an all-in-one solution that makes learning more rewarding and fun.

6 steps to draw anything

Learn how to draw in 6 easy steps.
  • Structuralization

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    Improve your spatial awareness and sense of perspective.

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    Learn the unique Artwod method of form manipulation

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    Improve your observation skills for better imagination

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    Improve your studies of specific subjects by applying our 6 step process

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    Learn to analyse the masters to become way more efficient

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    Unlock your creativity like never before!

Our students show their progress

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Alex Huneycutt



"With Artwod I've never run out of ways to practice. The core loop of study -> analyze -> implement is really efficient and I love having it as a clearly actionable way to improve myself in any given subject matter. The community is active, and I find that effort is seen and acknowledged. Artwod has given back to me as much as I've put in, and I'm keen to keep going!"

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