€17,00 per month
7 day free trial
€27,00 per month
7 day free trial
€74,00 per month
7 day free trial
Enterprise (small) €4.000,00 per year 5 licences
7 day free trial
Contains 5 Pro licenses and access to the talent pool.
Enterprise (large) €7.500,00 per year 10 licences
7 day free trial
Contains 10 Pro licenses and access to the talent pool.
Basic Premium Pro
Beginner Course (inc. feedback)
Drawing WOD's
Painting WOD's
Follow Up Courses
Follow Up Courses (inc. feedback from Teacher)
Drawing Classrooms
Painting Classrooms
Community Access / Feedback
Extended WOD access
Exclusive Classrooms
Personal Submission Page
Personal Feedback from Teacher on WOD of choice
Featured Artwork in Talent Pool
Exclusive Community Channels
Early Access to New Classrooms

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ArtWod stand for?

ArtWod stands for “Art Workout of the Day” and means that we believe in consistent practice with professional guidance. Which is exactly what we offer our students.

How does the program work?

Visit our Program page for a more elaborate explanation of the Program and what we offer our students.

I don't know how to draw, is ArtWod right for me?


In fact, we have tailor made a complete Beginner Course that is designed to get you up and running with the program and drawing in general.
There is no course like this on the market and we have seen incredible progress from our students using it.

Will I receive feedback?


All Beginner Course assignments are personally critiqued by one of our teachers.
And if you opt for our Pro membership, you can request personal feedback on your WOD or Follow-Up Course submissions.

Our dedicated Discord community is here to provide you with the opportunity to receive feedback from peers and our community support members!

How is this different from other online schools?

Where most online schools provide you with content, ArtWod provides you with structured content! Our platform has evolved significantly over the years to become one of the most interactive and consistent art schools online. Our mission is to help students discover their own potential while providing top tier education for any skill level and all career paths!

The platform has been build to keep you accountable through unique gamification that rewards consistency and engagement.

This type of education is unseen on any other platform!