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Learn to draw in a fun and efficient way.

Drawing is fun, so learning should be too!

Learning to draw and paint takes time, effort and commitment. We understand these challenges and offer an all-in-one solution that makes learning more rewarding and fun.

Weekly Art Workouts

Artwod provides weekly skill building Challenges packed with instructions and demo’s from industry professionals.

Unique Learning Method

Artwod uses the unique 6-step learning method founded by Antonio Stappaerts to help you learn art faster and easier than ever before!

Community Learning

With Artwod you join a vibrant community of motivated students that are passionate to help each other!

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Lorraine Student
Alex Huneycutt Student
"With Artwod I've never run out of ways to practice. The core loop of study -> analyze -> implement is really efficient and I love having it as a clearly actionable way to improve myself in any given subject matter. The community is active, and I find that effort is seen and acknowledged. Artwod has given back to me as much as I've put in, and I'm keen to keep going!"
Nick Student
Christopher Tay Student
Lorraine Rochefort Student
"ArtWOD has become one of my favorite learning platforms. I wish I had found it sooner in my artistic journey. The training has been an absolute game-changer for me. The beginner's course helped me build a strong foundation, and the combination of WODs and follow-up courses allowed me to grow my skills and use them in actual projects."
Bokdan Student
Patryk Student
Marissa Young Student
Hung Nguyen Student
Ine T’Sjoen Concept Artist at Rare
"When I joined Art-Wod, I was looking for a way to improve my art skills but with on-going support instead of a limited few weeks of guided learning. Art-Wod stands out from other training programs by combining art fundamentals with a fixed workout schedule. Not just that, but it teaches you how to hone your own style over time by following along with the cycles. If something doesn’t click the first time around, it will the next time a cycle pops back up. And with the addition of dedicated classrooms, it’s become a hub of learning that takes the stress out of figuring out what to focus on next, so you can focus on your art journey"
Jovan Member
Tim Concept Artist

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We don’t hire professional teachers, we hire teaching professionals! Check out some of the amazing companies our team have worked for.

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