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Choose your plan

Pick one of the membership options below that best suit your needs. Higher membership tiers gain access to more exclusive content and personalised feedback.
Free Free Free Free
What you get:
  • Intro lessons of all courses so you can get started right away!
  • Sample art workouts that showcase the program structure
  • Selection of classrooms for skill building
  • Access to our Discord server
Basic €19,00 €10,50 Per month
What you get:
Written Feedback on Beg. Drawing Course
  • Beginner Drawing Course to start your art learning journey.
  • Beginner Painting Course as a follow up to Beginner Drawing.
  • Access to 12 weeks of Fundamental Workouts
  • Access to all Fundamental Classrooms
  • Access to Discord server Basic membership channels
  • Personal submission page for feedback requests
Premium €29,00 €17,50 Per month
What you get:
Written Feedback on Beginner Drawing/Painting Course
  • Everything in Basic
  • Advanced Drawing and Painting courses to start your Artwod Roadmap
  • Access to Career Courses for skill building
  • 12 weeks of Portfolio Workouts to help build your portfolio
  • Exclusive Guest Lecture recordings from Industry Professionals custom to Portfolio Workouts
  • Advanced Classrooms that target specific skills for concept art, illustration and design
  • Access to Discord server Premium membership channels
Pro €79,00 €48,30 Per month
What you get:
Written Feedback on all Courses/WOD’s
  • Everything in Premium
  • Extended access to Art Workout for up to 5 cycles (30 weeks)
  • Exclusive Classrooms that target specific skills for art, business and mindset
  • Access to exclusive Discord channels for direct contact with Artwod Team
  • Priority access to feedback during livestreams

Special enterprise offers

Our enterprise memberships offer 5 or more licenses of the highest membership tier plus exclusive access to our student talent pool for talent scouting.

Enterprise (Small) 5 Licenses Contains 5 Pro licenses and access To the talent pool.
Enterprise (Large) 10 Licenses Contains 10 Pro licenses and access To the talent pool.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ArtWod stand for?

ArtWod is an online art school that exists to bring professional industry training to anyone woh needs it, for an affordable price. Our goal is to bridge the gap between students and industry, while giving aspiring artists an online community to share and grow.


ArtWod stands for “Art Workout of the Day” and means that we believe in consistent practice with professional guidance. Which is exactly what we offer our students.

How does the program work?

Visit our Program page for a more elaborate explanation of the Program and what we offer our students.

I'm a beginner. Where do I start?

If you are new to drawing or don't have the confidence yet to jump into our regular WOD's, we highly recommend you start with our Beginner Courses.
The ArtWod Beginner Courses are the perfect resource to get you started on your artistic journey!

Structured around the renowned 6-step principle developed by ArtWod founder Antonio Stappaerts, the ArtWod Beginner Drawing Course is one of the most comprehensive courses available online for artists looking to enhance their skills.

Will I receive feedback?



As a Basic member you can get personal feedback from our Teachers on the Beginner Drawing Course.
Premium members can also receive feedback on the Beginner Painting Course.
And if you opt for our Pro membership, you can request personal feedback on all available course and portfolio assignments!


Regardless of membership, our dedicated Discord community is here to provide you with the opportunity to receive feedback from peers and our community support members!

How does feedback work for each membership?


  • Feedback on Beginner Drawing Course lessons


  • Feedback on Beginner Drawing Course lessons
  • Feedback on Beginner Painting Course lessons


  • Feedback on all courses (Beginner and Advanced)
  • Feedback on 1 Portfolio Cycle submission of choice every 30 days
How do I join the ArtWod Community?

When you sign up to the program, you can go to your user dashboard and click the "Join Discord" button. This will prompt a discord page where you need to sign in and give ArtWod persmission to add you to the community server. Once signed, you will automatically be added to the discord with the appropriate role relevant to your membership. Even for future changes.

ArtWod's Glossary

1. WOD: Workout of the Day = 2 weeks of programming for 1 topic (Figure, Still Life or Organic) 
2. Fundamental Cycle: Consists of 3 WOD's, 1 Figure WOD, 1 Still Life WOD and 1 Organic WOD 
3. Portfolio Cycle: Consists op 3 WOD's, each 2 weeks long for a total of 6 weeks with a progressive goal to create a portfolio artwork
4. Classroom: A video covering specific fundamentals for either drawing or painting 
5. Demo: A demonstration for a particular WOD assignment 
6. Figure: This topic of WOD's relates to everything that is figure related, such as characters, life drawing, anatomy, etc 
7. Still Life: This topic of WOD's relates to everything that is still-life related, such as props, vehicles, armor, weapons, mechs, buildings, exterior, interior etc 
8. Organic: This topic of WOD's relates to everything that is organic related, such as fauna, flora, creatures, nature, drapery, etc 
9. Community Support Members: These members are here to uphold ArtWod community standards and will provide useful feedback to newcomers 
10. Artlete: A student of the ArtWod Program

How is this different from other online schools?

Where most online schools provide you with content, ArtWod provides you with structured and guided content!


Our interactive platform offers structured content and unique skill tracking to help you reach your full potential and keep track of your progress. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, our top-rated education caters to all skill levels and career paths.


With ArtWod, you'll stay accountable and motivated as you consistently improve your craft.