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Our Program

Welcome to Artwod, where we believe that human creativity is a vital component of the art world.

Our expert instructors are committed to helping you develop your artistic skills and express your unique vision through visual art. At Artwod, we foster a culture of experimentation and encourage individual expression, allowing you to explore different mediums and techniques to create art that is truly one-of-a-kind. Our supportive community of artists provides feedback and encouragement to help you grow and develop your artistic voice.

Discover the joy of imaginative drawing, learn the ins and outs of concept art, improve your artistic skills in a fun and interactive way and take your artistic skills to the next level with Artwod.

ArtWod Beginner Courses: The Start of Your Art Journey

Are you an aspiring artist looking to improve your spatial awareness and imaginative art skills? The ArtWod Beginner Courses are the perfect resource for you! These comprehensive online courses are suitable for beginners and experienced professionals alike, and covers both digital and traditional art techniques.


Structured around the renowned 6-step principle developed by ArtWod founder Antonio Stappaerts, the ArtWod Beginner Drawing Course is one of the most comprehensive courses available online for artists looking to enhance their skills. Sign up now and start improving your artistic abilities!


Devided into four modules, our beginners course covers the essential topics of perspective, figure drawing, hard-surface modeling, and organic modeling. Whether you prefer digital or traditional art, this course is designed to get you up and running with our program.


Then move into our Beginner Painting course where you will learn to master paniting fundamentals in a unique and engaging way. This course compliments our Beginner Drawing Course and will teach you all the fundamentals principles you need to start creating your own imaginative artworks!

Creative Workout Of the Day

WOD stands for "workout of the day" and is the true heart of the Art-Wod program. Here you will cycle through various topics and art challenges specifically designed to help you gain confidence while drawing and painting.


All members will gain access to what we call Fundamentals cycles. Fundamental Cycles will be focused on what is says...Fundamentals. We will cover topics such as Figure, Still Life and Organic with a heavy focus on drawing, yet include some easy painting assignments along with them for those of you who are keen on getting in some painting practice along with your drawing practice!


Premium and Pro members will gain access to our special Portfolio Cycles. These cycles are 6-week long portfolio builders with a single topic focus for anyone who wants to achieve that finished artwork! These cycles will consist of 3 phases and each phase will build upon the previous one. 
Also these cycles will include a broader skillset such as character design, prop design, environment design and illustration.


Portfolio cycles will also include Professional Guest artists to come and lecture on the topic at hand to help you achieve an amazing result for your portfolio piece! 
Combined with our fantastic classrooms and courses this will be a great opportunity for you to focus on a specific challenge with a favourable deadline

Feedback by coaches

ArtWod is a supportive and interactive community for aspiring artists. We understand the challenges of being a modern day student of the arts, and our mission is to create a welcoming community where artists can share their knowledge and support each other.


To help our students succeed, we have dedicated support coaches who provide valuable feedback and guidance. With our Pro membership, you can even get exclusive one-on-one feedback from our coaches to help you achieve your professional goals.


Don't feel alone in your artistic journey - join the ArtWod community and start growing your skills with the support of our dedicated coaches!

Explore In-Depth Subjects with Our Topic-Specific Courses

At ArtWod, we offer a range of follow-up courses for Premium and Pro members to help you achieve your career aspirations in the arts. Whether you're interested in game art, splash art, or storytelling, our courses are designed to help you map out a learning path that meets your needs.


As a Pro member, you'll have the exclusive benefit of requesting feedback and grading on your submissions, which can help you learn more effectively. Don't miss this opportunity to take your skills to the next level and achieve your professional goals with ArtWod. Sign up now to get access to our current and future follow-up courses.

Thanks Antonio & staff at ArtWod for the beginners course, its been very helpful and I will add it to my toolkit for art!


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