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The painting program is designed to help students increase their understanding of form, light, color and design. Exclusively available for Full Program members, this program also offers additional classroom sessions, fundamental and exclusive tutorials from industry professionals.

If you are a complete beginner, the Drawing Program is what we recommend you start with.

Figure painting icon for the online painting course by artwod


During the figure cycles of the painting program, we extend our knowledge of the human figure by learning more in-depth about value, color, light and design. 

Antonio will guide you through a step-by-step process of various assignments to make sure you are learning efficiently.

Example of the use of material in our online painting courses


During the still-life cycles of the painting program, we will lay heavy focus on material understanding. The assignments combined with various classroom sessions should help increase your confidence when rendering materials of any sort!

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During the Organic cycles we extend our knowledge of organic subjects and how to paint them.

A lot of elements from nature and animals will be handled during this cycle to make you more confident when painting immersive illustrations!


One of the best things of the Art-WOD program are the interactive live classroom sessions.

Tons of knowledge is shared live with the students and recorded for review. This gives students a unique opportunity to ask questions and get immediate feedback from the teachers on a wide variety of subjects!

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